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KISS-Constellation and CQM 
Workshop in german - "Kintsugi yourself with CQM"

July 14th - 16th, 2023 Kaltenbach

Experience the state of your own resilience and how you can improve it - easily,simple and safe. In order to bring more balance in your being. This workshop can open your awareness the way you feel about yourself and your life.

What's about?


Traumatic experiences can have an impact on our nervous system - and therefore on our ability for resilience. With my self-developed constellation format  "Kintsugi yourself", I set new standards in constellation work, so that you can go beyond your comfort zone and still feel safe. What is special about this offer is that I combine my method with CQM (Chinese quantum method) and in collaboration with Claudia Dopple Coaching | Claudia Dopple | Kaltenbach.  

More information on "NewBe and Kiss-Constellation"
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Your benefits

  • Improve your resilience

  • Transformation without history and drama on a very deep level

  • Live - again!

  • Release your bound energy so that it is available for your joyful life

  • Make peace with yourself and within you

  • Acknowledge what was - and now it's over

  • Finally able to breathe freely again

  • Free yourself from your prisons in you and thus also in the outside

Who should participate?

Just EVERYONE who feels ready for the next step 

Would you like to participate?



Kintsugi yourself with CQM

July 14th - 16th, 2023  

Costs: CHF 380.-


Thanks for registering for the event. All information will be sent to you after registration by email. See you soon!

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