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Check out my current seminars, events and projects.

For participation, just send me an EMail.
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Transformation processes can be easier, just like KISS - Keep It Simple and Safe. It doesn't take drama and long forgiveness processes to process traumatic events. With my self-developed constellation formats such as "Kintsugi yourself", "NewBe" or "Constellation+", I set new standards in constellation work that go far beyond classic family and business constellations. For me constellation work is peace work.

Online-Workshops in
KISS Constellations


Akademie of the online-systembrett offers a variety of my KISS-Constellations of the new time. In this form of constellation we enter the wished outcome in the most fastest way - let yourself be surprised about the efficiency of this work. 

Life workshops in 
KISS Constellations



In the beautiful mountains of Switzerland I will offer every month a life workshop of my new method KISS-Constellations. This training is for coaches and systemic workers to improve their own knowledge on new constellations methods or just to participate as individual with interest in the systemic constellation work. Contact me for the dates. 

Constellators International
Malta - April - May 2024

Constellations of the new time. Get to know the new formats "Kintsugi yourself" and "NewBe" and more during the international constellation weeks in Malta! Let yourself be surprised how this new formats captivate in its simplicity and can have a transforming effect in its depth - simple - silent - heart touching.


Travel & Culture

Travel & Culture


I love discovering the treasures of the earth, exploring with curiosity and connecting with you. In the company of like-minded people, this zest for action is twice as much fun.

Live | Love | Laugh Travel
- Egypt Nile 

In cooperation with Oriental Tours, I accompany various cruises to the most wonderful places in this country steeped in history and combine these trips with my topic of systemic constellations and personal development. Check out our lates cruises offering.

SOUL Travel 
- my offering for spiritual trainers

In cooperation with Matira Safari GmbH, we organize trips to Egypt, Kenya, Greece and to the Swiss Mountain for spiritual trainers so that you can concentrate entirely on your work in your seminar group. Are you interessed? Then check out what we can offer you.

Passion Projects

Passion Projects

Carmen Pipola - White Lily

With my Passion Projects I would like to infect other people in a positive way with my mindset and attitude towards life.  Live |  Love | Laugh

White lily - finally peace

With my initiative "White Lily" I want to set a statement of peace and freedom. A signal of connection and love  with the symbol of the white calla (also called white lily), so that our earth finally becomes a place of happyness and joy.

Every 8th of the month at 8 pm
008 - we are awake


Every month on the 8th we gather together and talk about different philosopical topics. This gathering is free of charge and you are invited to join any time.


ELAfora - my own Seminar- and Eventlocation


In autumn 2023 my big dream came true. Our own seminar and event location has opened in the mountains. In beautiful Salouf is the ELAfora, a unique and magical event space for my own seminars and all those who are attracted to this magical place. See what seminars coming soon there.


Individual Coaching Sessions

In my beautiful Coaching room in Arlesheim near Basel and now new as well in the mountains in, I offer individual coachings in person. For more information, please contact me.

Would you like to book me as a trainer or speaker?

Phone: +41 (0)61 465 4015
Drissetstrasse  51
CH-4412 Nuglar 

Thanks for your request!

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